Should I use neutral vinyl placemats if I want to make my food the focal point at dinner?

Asked 7 months ago

I am organizing a family dinner for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to make this year's event special, so I'm considering getting premium vinyl placemats. However, I'm not sure what design to get for the placemats because I want my food to be the focal point of the evening. Should I get neutral-colored premium vinyl placemats to make my food shine on the big day?

Deseré Davis

Deseré Davis

Thursday, November 10, 2022

You are right in thinking that you should go with placemats that are neutral-colored. Bright and overbearing designs will detract from your food (at least until people start eating) so if you want the meal to be the focal point, stick to placemats (and napkins and serviettes) in light and neutral colors. Make sure they complement the tablecloth if you are using one, though, so they don't stand out by being too different.

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