Can I create a Roman-style mosaic tile design using vinyl tiles?

Asked 9 months ago

I recently moved into my first house! It is a Roman-style house and I am so happy here. I have plans to renovate the ground floor bathroom. I want to start with the tiles and change them to a Roman-style mosaic design. The tiles that are currently in the bathroom are stain- and water-resistant vinyl tiles. I love the feel and quality of these tiles, so I definitely want to use vinyl tiles to make the Roman-style mosaic design that I want in the renovation. Does anyone know if this is achievable?

Desmond Mcneil

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Yes, you can absolutely use vinyl flooring to make Roman-style mosaic tiles! It will take a bit of planning, some hard work when cutting the vinyl flooring, and all the creativity you want to put in! Nothing is stopping you from using your vinyl flooring in different and interesting ways.

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