Can I complement my premium vinyl wall art with natural textiles?

Asked 9 months ago

We’re revamping our holiday home, and I want it to have a very natural look and feel. I have heard talk about leaning more towards sustainable interior design, and that’s what I want to go for with this makeover. So I have selected premium vinyl wall art and I am not sure what I should match it with. My friend suggested I go for natural textiles to achieve the look and that natural feel I want. I like the idea of natural fabrics, but would they count as low-impact and eco-friendly?

Humberto Drake

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Yes, and your home can look all the more stylish if you do so! Natural textiles, such as ethical wool, come from nature and typically don't contain any toxins or chemicals. This makes them more environmentally positive than many other options. Source your textiles from the right place and you're all set without feeling guilty!

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