Can recycled vinyl rugs develop mold or mildew if left in a humid environment?

Asked 10 months ago

I am moving to a new house in a more humid area. Through all my moves, I have kept the recycled premium vinyl rugs that my best friends gifted me at my first housewarming. I want these rugs to be in the entryway, living room, and patio of my new home. However, I am worried that they could develop mold or mildew from the humidity. Is this possible?

Alden Miller

Friday, August 19, 2022

It is unlikely that your rugs will develop mildew or mold as most recycled premium vinyl rugs are mold and mildew resistant. If you have the manufacturer's information, you can always contact them to find out more about their product. But in most cases, these kinds of rugs are resistant to mildew and mold, so you should be okay.

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