Are premium vinyl rugs impervious to damage from drink spills?

Asked 8 months ago

The main reason behind my getting vinyl flooring is because of how rugged it is. I do know, however, that it must be well kept in order to make sure you retain its look. Which is why I am concerned about damaging it with accidental drink spills. I don’t want my floors to be damaged by wine spills and the like. Premium vinyl is impervious to this kind of damage, right?

Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Yes, absolutely! Vinyl is superbly durable and water poof, which means that it will still retain its shape after spillage. Vinyl is a very practical choice of material because it's very easy to clean and maintain. But it is important to clean the spill as soon as possible. Simply wipe up and wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry. Don't use acid or chlorine!

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