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12 Best Rugs for Children's Bedrooms, Playrooms, and Nurseries
Home decoration12 Best Rugs for Children's Bedrooms, Playrooms, and NurseriesWhen choosing a rug for your child's bedroom, playroom, or nursery, it's important to find the right one. After all, this is where they'll spend much of their time playing, so creating a safe environment for them is a top priority. Young kids do spend a lot of time on the floor, so you'll want a child-friendly rug that's durable and comfortable. We also know our kid's aren't the tidiest bunch, so you need to be prepared for spilled food or liquids—this is where an easy-to-clean, stain-resistant rug comes in handy. And if your toddler is learning to walk, a soft and comfortable rug will make for a safe space for their first steps. To make your child's playtime and exploring more interesting and tactile, rugs can also be mixed and matched with different floor textures and furniture. Another key benefit to having a rug in a child's room is that it can really brighten up their play or reading corner. Here are our 12 best rugs for kid's rooms. 1. Beija Kids Road These rugs create a fun interactive experience, evoking your little one's imagination. These high quality, eco-friendly, and phthalate-free rugs are also safe to play on, making them ideal for any child's playroom or bedroom. » Evoke your kid's imagination with Beija Kids Road Rug 2. Jaipur Amber In addition to being soft enough for children's feet, this rug can work really well to create a vibrant, lively room for your young child. Combining the styles of multiple cultures, this rug is a vivid celebration of colors and patterns that really stand out in a neutral, light-toned bedroom. Due to its versatility, you can also consider this rug when choosing a rug for your living room, so your child can have a place to play there while you sit back and relax. » Make your child's bedroom vibrant with Jaipur Amber Rug 3. Kilim Colorful Add some hand-crafted artistry to liven up your kid's room or nursery with this boho-inspired high-end vinyl rug. In addition to creating a cute and colorful space for your child to play on, this rug is perfectly safe and durable for playtime. » Add a pop of color with Kilim Colorful Rug 4. Persian Rita Powder The Persian Rita Powder bring a gentle calm into your child's bedroom. The rug's pattern will infuse your child's bedroom with a traditional, homey feel, making it a space your child can enjoy playing or reading in. » Ground your kid's space with Persian Rita Powder Rug 5. Beija Kids Send Kids love hopscotch, so these hard-playing vinyl rugs will keep them busy for hours! As another interactive offering, this easy-to-clean vinyl rug is perfect for potentially muddy shoes or dirty feet. Let your kids let loose and have fun! » Encourage playfulness with Beija Kids Send Rug 6. Bohemian Garden Hazel Best combined with a light room, this rug with a traditional floral pattern takes an elegant approach to enhance your child's space with a unique flair. A stylish floral pattern can elevate the visual qualities of a room while also delivering a warm, inviting feel. » Set a floral ambiance with Bohemian Garden Hazel Rug 7. Braids Powder Round The Braids Powder Round rug comes in a shape and color that suit any room. The rug's soft shape and subdued color will fit in perfectly into your child's room, ushering in a sense of safety. » Create a safe environment with Braids Powder Round Rug 8. Beija Kid: Natural Round If your kid s just starting to learn their first words or play with building blocks, this rug will make for a perfect learning space. Apart from being decorated with letters to help your child learn, this rug's round shape can add interest and softness to their bedroom. It can also define or separate functional spaces such as a reading or learning nook. » Bring an educational element with Beija Kid Natural Round Rug 9. Bloomin’ Marvellous: Coral Charm Round Inspired by the iconic St James' Park in London, the Blooming Marvelous features expansive blooms of trailing peonies. Recommended for older kids, this elegant floral rug can bring a breath of fresh spring air to any room, instantly brightening it up. The rug's bold floral elements can work well both with traditional-looking rooms and something more modern. » Set a lively atmosphere with Bloomin' Marvellous Coral Charm Round Rug 10. Zsa Zsa Round This rich and cozy rug will instantly lure your little one in with its warm ambiance. Meanwhile, the rug's vibrant print of a pink-feathered ostrich will bring in a sense of playfulness, making the room instantly become a place your child enjoys spending time at. » Create a playful feel with Zsa Zsa Round Rug 11. Jaipur Nordic Black and white is definitely one of the most popular and classic décor combinations, and a tight pattern like this is perfect for an otherwise neutral room. This black and white geometric rug can be a striking accent in any room, making your child's bedroom a more interesting space. » Spice up your child's bedroom with Jaipur Nordic Rug 12. Emilia White This gentle white rug fits perfectly into your child's room while not pulling focus from colorful, child-friendly décor and toys. Additionally, the rug brings a sense of coziness and warmth your child will love having while playing on the bedroom floor for hours. » Add a touch of gentleness with Emilia White Rug Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Kid's Room Your child's room can be a great canvas to explore unique design elements that can be incorporated through different rug options. Whether it's a nursery, playroom, or an older kid's bedroom, there's room to play. Whether you want the rug in the middle of your kid's room or placed slightly under their bed, they'll spend a lot of their time on it, so make sure to pick the right one. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more beautiful rugs for your children's corner.
10 Vintage Vinyl Floor Rugs to Add Flair to Any Space
Home decoration10 Vintage Vinyl Floor Rugs to Add Flair to Any SpaceWhen it comes to finding functional and chic flooring options that will leave an impression, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection—this is where vintage vinyl floor rugs come in. These rugs can instantly transform a room by adding flair to the space while offering durability and hassle-free cleaning, which all homeowners can enjoy. The best part about vinyl rugs is the large variety of unique colors and pattern combinations they come in. Whether you're looking to upgrade your room or simply add something extra special, this selection of vintage vinyl floor rugs has something for you. 1. Zsa Zsa Solo Round This bold and daring rug isn't for the faint-hearted! With its flamboyant image of a majestic ostrich with its candy pink feathers outstretched, this rug will not only add a flair to any space, but it will also become a statement piece and a real conversation starter. The diagonal black and white stripes behind the ostrich guide your eyes and allow the bird to be the focal point of this rug. The soft pink contrasts the solid black and white details, and each color is represented equally. » Make a statement with Zsa Zsa Solo Round Rug 2. Gambit Italiano This Gambit rug in classic black and white will infuse any room you put it in with a classy feel, while its neutral color palette will allow your other décor choices to really pop. The chessboard pattern of this vinyl mat will give your space just the right amount of flair. » Give your home a classy feel with Gambit Italiano Rug 3. Flor De Lis Classic This regal rug showcases the beautiful iris flower, which signifies life, light and perfection. This unique flower pattern will add beautiful detail to your space of choice. Its color combination consists of golds, tans, beiges, and browns contrasted with white and soft greys. The colors combine harmoniously, creating an earthy aura suitable for any room that needs a bit of uplifting beauty. » Enhance any room in your home with Flor De Lis Classic Rug 4. Eclectic Colorful Fun and excitement are the two main qualities this rug exudes. Each vinyl square is a unique vintage pattern revitalized with a playful color palette that contrasts the neighboring square. From crisp blues to warm sunshine yellows, this rug takes what some might call a mess and turns it into a vivid, harmonious celebration of colors and patterns that's sure to brighten up any room you place it in. » Add a pop of color with Eclectic Colorful Rug 5. Rock Star Silver With precise, clean, and classic lines, this rug is situated within the Bauhaus movement. It has a soft and subdued color palette, allowing the eye-catching geometric patterns to stand out and be the factor that provides flair to the space. These neutral colors also make this rug a great addition to almost any room without breaking the balance of the décor. » Create a look of subtle boldness with Rock Star Silver Rug 6. Gambit Chess As another Gambit rug choice, this black and white vinyl rug will bring a classic mid-century charm into any room you choose. With its chessboard pattern and elegant colors, this rug will give your living space a timeless feel. » Bring a classic mid-century charm with Gambit Chess rug 7. Flor De Lis Black & White As simple as the black and white combo seems, it's arguably the most striking color combination of all time due to these colors being complete opposites. It's for this reason that this rug will without a doubt add flair to any space you place it in, especially if the room is of a neutral color palette. Similarly to the 3rd rug in this list, this rug also showcases the royal iris flower, which will add beauty to the room along with its distinct colors. » Give your home a regal look with Flor De Lis Black & White Rug 8. Lagertha Antique Sisterhood This large rug is perfect for adding flair to an open floor plan space, as it consists of multiple designs, shapes, and borders. Its woody color palette gives it an antique feel that's sure to evoke many stories and memories. You can cover a large plain floor with this rug to warm up the area and tie in your surrounding furniture. What's more, this flexible and expandable rug works like magic to adjust to your preferences—if it's too wide for your taste, you can overlap it, or you can expand it if you find it too narrow. » Combine different patterns with Lagertha Antique Sisterhood Rug 9. Almond Mint Inspired by ancient geometric patterns, this rug will convert any room you put it in into a harmonious combination of ancient and modern. With its beautiful pattern and soft colors, the Almond rug will give any room a warm feel in addition to lending it some flair. » Harmonize your space with Almond Mint Rug 10. Borgo Bordeaux Antique Who says two colors are boring? Not us! Red and white are the two colors in this unique rug, and they're in no way lifeless—the warm earthy red holds culture and tradition, while the crisp white brings a modern touch. What's more, this rug's alternating triangle pattern introduces just the right amount of detail and flair to add variety to any space. » Introduce a retro detail with Borgo Bordeaux Antique Rug Add Flair to Any Space With a Vintage Vinyl Rug of Your Choice Any one of these vintage vinyl floor rugs will add flair to any room in your house, but there are other ways to use them rather than just placing them on the floor to enhance their effect. You can overlap your rugs to add more variation and style, or place the rug underneath furniture to centralize sitting areas and create a comfortable feel underfoot. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our store for more vintage vinyl floor rugs, and see how to flair up any room with just a rug.
6 Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease
Home decoration6 Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With EaseDecorating your space with wallpaper doesn't have to be a wrestling match or cost a fortune—with Beija Flor's DIY Kami wallpaper, you can singlehandedly change the look of the whole room. Simply choose a pack and follow the instructions to apply each sheet to the wall using its self-adhesive backing—no glue, no brushes, and no drips! As the sheet size is 40 X 80 cm, these wallpapers are easy to manage on your own. You can even play with the sheets by placing some horizontally and others vertically, combining their patterns and textures in your own creative way. How to Choose the Right Wallpaper? What's right depends on your personal taste for the flamboyant, the simply stylish, the classically decorative, or the warm natural fiber look. From floral prints to geometric statements, these suggested wallpapers are all do-it-yourself and easy to apply. Using the Kami pack of wallpaper, you can create a single accent wall in a room or transform the whole space by giving it a new mood. Once you've settled on the ambiance you're going for, take a look at our wallpaper design options to meet your vision for the space. 1. Poppy Kami Wallpaper If you need to decorate a small space like a bathroom with something stylish and memorable, consider the Poppy Kami Wallpaper. This repeat print of poppy seeds can be displayed vertically or horizontally or laid in mixed panels for an extra exciting look. When used as a bathroom wallpaper, the monochrome print allows you to add colors of your choice to the room with accessories like towels, storage, and display items. It's a modern, idiosyncratic print that looks trendy and special. » Add a stylish element with Poppy Kami Wallpaper 2. Almond Kami Wallpaper The idea of applying your own wallpaper becomes easily doable when using Beija Flor's Kami packs. With this Almond Kami Wallpaper in a gentle blue-grey with a geometric design, you can add a decorative floral background that blends with different styles. It's easy to apply straight onto the wall—simply stick it on and enjoy the cool floral ambiance. » Set a floral ambiance with Almond Kami Wallpaper 3. White Pallets Kami Wallpaper Sometimes, a neutral white wall needs a little texture to give the room a cozier atmosphere. Applying the White Pallets Kami Wallpaper to any room will add a vintage ambiance and sensitive textural effect. With its irregular pattern of wooden pallets, it instantly adds definition, allowing you to dress the space up or down as you please. » Create a cozy atmosphere with White Pallets Kami Wallpaper 4. Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper If you're going for an eye-catching and textured effect that adds warmth, try the Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper. It has an irregular black-and-white hand-printed look, which gives a sheltering ambiance. It also creates a statement background for a more modern decorative aesthetic. This wallpaper can be used in a living room, a small room like a study, or even a bedroom. It can also work well as a bathroom wallpaper to make an accent wall. » Go for a classic look with Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper 5. Snow Kami Wallpaper A peaceful geometric pattern can add structure and decoration to any dull corner. This wallpaper design evokes the peace of snowy fields or the sharp sparkle of a snowflake. If you want your space to feel more lively and defined, use the Snow Kami Wallpaper to add zing to your room. What's more, the hardwearing surface can easily be wiped clean, so this snowy white wallpaper can stay white, even in a busy home. » Bring a snowy liveliness with Snow Kami Wallpaper 6. Tatami Kami Wallpaper The traditional Japanese flooring and wallpaper material Tatami is usually made of rice straw and woven rushes. This Tatami Kami Wallpaper echoes that natural fiber look by offering slightly irregular patterned panels to add texture to your room. With this wallpaper, you can enjoy the Tatami look and enhance the warm ambiance of your space without risking any actual grassy fibers triggering an allergy or getting damp and smelly. It's ideal for a living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, as it's wipe-clean vinyl. » Incorporate a natural feel with Tatami Kami Wallpaper Easily Create the Ambiance You Want With DIY Wallpaper These Kami wallpaper packs allow you to do exactly what you want with your space. With a range of wallpapers to suit any mood you're going for, you can step up the ambiance of any room by adding some pattern and texture. Most of these wallpaper designs are natural and neutral enough to use as a base for more creative, colorful furnishing of the whole space. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more wall art options to suit any room style.
5 Affordable Art Pieces to Incorporate Into Your Home
Home decoration5 Affordable Art Pieces to Incorporate Into Your HomeArt in our home can evoke powerful emotions, making us feel better after a tough day, calming us in a time of reflection, and providing a sense of comfort in our space. Art can breathe life into a home, as it allows us to express our personality, hopes, and dreams in a visually appealing way. Being surrounded by art we love in whatever form can help us enjoy the space where we spend most of our time. Aesthetically, art will act as a focal point, rounding off the design of a room, bringing in sophistication, setting a tone or theme, and overall making a powerful impact. However, art pieces like paintings can at times be a rather expensive venture, but you don't need to limit yourself to wall art only—there are other, more affordable ways to incorporate art into your space. Here are our five picks for premium vinyl rugs, tableware, and placemats you can use to bring a fresh perspective and that desired artistic feel into any room. 1. Bloomin’ Marvellous Blush Green Round The Bloomin' Marvellous Blush Green Round Rug is a perfect option if you're looking to bring focus and attention to a small space or specific area of your room. Floral designs can breathe a contemporary feel into any space, while the round rug shape can make a room look more spacious. The curves allow the eye to follow its fluid movement without feeling too contained or boxed in. A round rug will also make the part of the room where it's placed its focal point. This particular artistic design is inspired by the iconic St James Park in London and features trailing peonies, setting a scene of botanical whimsy. » Breathe spaciousness into your home with Bloomin' Marvellous Blush Green Round Rug 2. Breath Floor Art Created in collaboration with Israeli artist Pilpeled, the Breath Floor Art collection of only 100 limited printed editions of Beija Flor's signature vinyl rugs relies on street art motifs for a powerful statement look. These large eye-catching graphic rugs have a strong design, resulting in a timeless look for the room of your choice. Black and white rugs are very versatile and can comfortably fit into various interior design styles, creating a bold visual effect and bringing diversity into an otherwise neutral room. Don't forget that touch of sophistication too! These rugs can also be a striking accent in any room with bright colors. » Create a striking accent with Breath Floor Art 3. Roba Floor Art Another limited edition by Pipeled that's sold exclusively online, the Roba Floor Art collection features artwork printed on Beija Flor’s signature vinyl sheets. The artwork of the Israeli artist Pilpeled, one of the most unique and identifiable forces in Tel Aviv's urban art and design scene, is defined by a bold monochromatic style combining illustration, graffiti, and powerfully striking graphics. This is definitely a great piece of art to possess, and it's much easier on your pocket from the price perspective. To make the artwork really stand out, combine this rug with a light or white color palette. » Add intricate detail with Roba Floor Art 4. Toi Et Moi Tableware Collection This gorgeously creative Mediterranean tableware collection can be used as an exquisite form of table art that's both affordable and long-lasting. The handmade watercolor illustrations of the Mediterranean placemats will bring in an organic and peaceful feel to any dining room table. Combined with fresh flowers in soft, paler pinks and bright green fern leaves, this tableware collection can play beautifully into a Mediterranean-themed dinner table setting, while its details will provide an artistic feel to your home. » Set a cooling tone with Toi Et Moi Tableware Collection 5. Koketit Placemats Creatively styled abstract art placemats will certainly add a unique and avant-garde feel to your dining room. These black and white placemats from the Koketit collaboration with Beija Flor can work wonderfully with any color scheme you choose, allowing you to play around with different themes, styles, or palettes. These placemats will stand out quite strongly on their own, providing a playfully dramatic flair to boot. No matter how you style them, these Koketit placemats will make a great showstopper on your table. » Express your artsy taste with Koketit Placemats Bring a Touch of Art Into Your Home at an Affordable Price Apart from your personal artistic preference, choosing an art piece to incorporate into your home depends on the nature of your space and the art's price tag. As wall art can prove pretty expensive at times, turning to alternatives like floor art or artistically designed tableware and placemats can be a lifesaver. By opting for one of these pieces, you can give your home the same artistic feel without breaking the bank. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Head over to our website for more affordable art pieces that will transform any space!
Rugs for Breakfast Nooks: 5 Ideas for a Cozy and Tranquil Space
Room designRugs for Breakfast Nooks: 5 Ideas for a Cozy and Tranquil SpaceA breakfast nook isn't just an extra space in the kitchen area to avoid clutter—it's also a place for family time, gathering together at the start of the day to share breakfast and conversation. Although breakfast nooks are cozy and comfortable by their nature, choosing the right rug for this area can make them even more inviting and tranquil. Placing a rug in your kitchen will make it feel warm and homey, and choosing the right rug for your breakfast nook will do even more so. When making your choice, consider factors such as the size of the area, the amount of natural light your nook receives, and the overall look and feel you're going for. We've chosen 5 gorgeous from Beija Flor that will add a beautiful aesthetic to your breakfast nook, making it a place your family will enjoy. 1. Mary Black The Mary Black vinyl rug is a beautifully embroidered kilim art piece that absolutely bursts with feminine energy in its floral bohemian design. This rug's folklore feel helps create a tranquil environment and works well in a breakfast nook that gets plenty of light. When styling your bold rug, you can pair it with a similar color palette for added coziness either with throw pillows, vases, or table runners. If you choose this rug design as a runner or in a rectangular shape rather than a square one, it will work well with a round table to create a more defined space. » Set an artistic mood with Mary Black Rug 2. Persian Rita Powder If you're keen on a patterned design full of eclectic artfulness, the Persian Rita Powder Rug is perfect for you! This embroidered rug has a uniquely delicate texture, with an antique-style print that will bring instant calm to your breakfast nook. If you have a more open space, the rug will help anchor the table so it doesn't feel like it's "floating" in the room. A patterned rug can also be mixed with patterned curtains in a similar color palette, creating a room that's full of personality. » Create a grounded atmosphere with Persian Rita Powder Rug 3. Cow Hide Earth Black Rustic and warm, the Cow Hide Earth Black Rug will bring country chic into your breakfast nook! The organic shape of the cow hide is perfect for any nook that might be irregularly shaped, making the perfect centerpiece décor of your nook area. Cow hide rugs can give a versatile accent to any space, making a great way to add some flair to the room without being overpowering. If your other décor follows a more rustic and down-to-earth color palette, pair your cow hide rug with lighter colors or shades (such as creams, beiges, and whites) to allow it to naturally ground the space. » Give your kitchen a versatile accent with Cow Hide Earth Black Rug 4. Snow Concrete You can absolutely never go wrong with the dynamism of classic black and white! The geometrically designed Snow Concrete Rug will add a beautiful graphic and sophisticated element to your breakfast nook space. It can also add a stark contrast to a more minimalist and modern space, especially when paired with a neutral color palette. And if it's holiday vibes you're after, choosing this rug will definitely tie in with the wintery festive season with its snowflake-inspired design. » Bring a note of sophistication with Snow Concrete Rug 5. Gothic Ancient Tile Antique If you like timeless, intricate patterns, the Gothic Ancient Tile Antique Rug may be just what you need. This floor statement piece will definitely not go unnoticed in your nook space, giving it a harmonizing feel perfect for family get-togethers. The rug's distinctive pattern will make a unique focal point in your nook, emanating natural energy in your cozy corner. » Harmonize your breakfast nook with Gothic Ancient Tile Antique Rug Make Your Breakfast Nook Cozier With the Right Rug Having a rug in your breakfast nook is an effective way to infuse this space with a cozy and tranquil atmosphere, making it the place where you'll want to spend much of your time. Before choosing your rug, consider the space you have to play with, the colors you want to go for, and the environment you're trying to create. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more breakfast nook rugs and see how to make your corner cozy, calm, and comfortable.
5 Natural Entryway Rugs for a Clean Aesthetic
Home decoration5 Natural Entryway Rugs for a Clean AestheticFinding the best rug for your entryway isn't so easy—you need to make sure it offers a warm reception and natural look while being easy to clean, quick-drying, and colorfast. A stylish entryway rug will elevate the feel of your entryway, setting the tone for the rest of your home décor. The size of the rug also matters, as it creates a visual flow and links the front door to the rest of your home. The standard size of a hallway runner is 2.5 x 8 feet (or x 12 feet), but you can also customize a bigger rug to fit your vision of the space. However, keep in mind it's best to allow 4–5 inches of open floor on each end and 4–6 inches on each side, depending on how wide the hallway is. Apart from the right size, you'll want your entryway rug to have the right look—here are our five picks for entryway rugs that will give your entryway a clean aesthetic. 1. Zoya Natural This rug's look echoes the color and texture of a palm tree trunk—the Zoya weave looks just like natural fiber. With its warm, graduated color and effortless casualness, this rug will set a beachy mood in your entryway. Coming in a light tone of natural brown, it invites decoration with more definite, colorful items. As a medium-length runner, the Zoya Natural will perfectly fit your hallway, providing a relaxed note for your whole home. » Bring nature inside with Zoya Natural Rug 2. Wood Art White A hardwood floor needs an entryway rug to soften the space and protect it from heavy foot traffic. The design of this rug is bold and looks just like the wood paneling traditionally used on a door. Choose the Wood Art White rug to add interest, light, and a rustic, traditional feel to your hallway. » Give your hallway a rustic look with Wood Art White Rug 3. Rust Plain With light blue, gray, and rust patches, this runner rug looks like an abstract mood painting, as if a rusting process has organically colored it. The rug is casual and organic, offering flexibility to decorating options: you can use it to either dress up the space or extend the restful organic tone into other décor items. » Bring in a casual feel with Rust Plain Rug 4. Jasmine Black Patchwork Using a patchwork pattern on the entryway floor gives the space homeliness, interest, and a crafted look. However, as the Jasmine Black Patchwork rug adds visual busyness, your decoration must be minimal in the small space of the hallway to avoid a cluttered look. » Set a homey atmosphere with Jasmine Black Patchwork Rug 5. Gothic Modu Floor In case you want to copy the entryway rug to the rest of the house, the Gothic Modu Floor solution allows you to buy a patterned vinyl floor covering to your exact size specifications. This makes it possible to cover uniquely shaped spaces, use a little or a lot, and use this rug in any room. This striking design in earthy tones works well in any space when paired with harmonious décor items to enhance its unique look. » Make a statement with Gothic Modu Floor Rug Give Your Entryway a Warm Feel With Homey Natural Rugs For an inviting feel that will charm your guests and set the tone for the rest of your home décor, decorate your hallway with a rug that has a natural weave and soft tones of brown, cream, grey-blue, or taupe. This will reference nature outside the front door, implying spaciousness in your home and creating a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for visitors. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Browse our collection of entryway rugs to find the perfect inviting piece for your entryway space.
6 Ways Mediterranean Placemats Can Brighten Up Your Dinner Table
Design types6 Ways Mediterranean Placemats Can Brighten Up Your Dinner TableIf you're looking to bring in a sense of warmth and light into your dining room, consider going for a Mediterranean-inspired color palette for your dinner table. For a stylish rustic feel, you can combine light blue with rich brown tones, and if you're feeling Tuscan, rustic orange and honeycomb yellows will surely conjure up images of endless summer days. Mediterranean colors are intrinsically inspired by and reminiscent of nature, so you can't go wrong! When it comes to decorating with a Mediterranean feel, an understated look is best, so Mediterranean placemats may be just what you're looking for. Here are 6 ways you can use Mediterranean-inspired placemats to make your dinner table the star of the show. 1. Bring Nature’s Colors Into the Room If you're using the beautiful and muted colors of nature to create a relaxed and serene ambiance, complementing them with lovely blues that echo the evening sky is an ideal way to bring a sense of relaxation and calm to the dinner table. The coolness of the blue makes it a great color for a warm room with plenty of light, while a traditional linen-inspired tiled or cross-stitch placemat in beige can bring a warm versatility. Matched with a Mediterranean blue bordering, this beige placemat can add a lovely and subtle rhythm to your dinner table. » Echo the colors of nature with Traditional Linen Lisa Placemat 2. Set an Earthy Tone Your dining table truly is the heart of the home, as this is where we gather with friends and family to share meals and conversation. It's also the perfect space for creative expression and play—you can use texture and color to create a layered table design that reflects your personal style. Adding Mediterranean and light earthy tones such as a natural beige can pair very well with the soft tones of olive green, inspired by the muted rolling landscapes of the Mediterranean. The versatile Rattan placemats can bring in that needed texture to help you set an earthy tone. » Give your table an earthy feel with Rattan Cross Placemat 3. Create a Sunset Feel Why not bring a Mediterranean sunset atmosphere to your table? Combined with beige and a cheerful, sunflower yellow, these placemats can help you create the lovely, warm atmosphere you're after. The delicate patterned design of this placemat is inspired by the vivid orange of the Californian poppy flower, and it's sure to brighten up your dining room, especially if it doesn't get much natural light. » Bring the sunset inside with Poppy Tumeric Placemat 4. Explore Your Surface With an Artistically-Designed Placemat Abstract placemats? Why not! Using creatively styled placemats can help you create a unique, avant-garde space with a playfully dramatic flair. Black and white abstract placemats can work wonderfully with any Mediterranean color palette you choose, so you can play around to your heart's content. Because these placemats stand out quite a lot on their own, consider keeping your Mediterranean colors solid. Let these placemats be the dining showstopper! » Creatively style your table with KOKETIT X Beija Flor Placemat 5. Add a Touch of Summer and Relaxation You can opt for a handmade water color illustration to bring an organic and peaceful feel to your table—the gentleness of these placemats calls out to long summer days and cool breezy evenings. You can add more flowers in soft pinks and bright green fern leaves to play further into a Mediterranean-themed dinner table setting. The dinnerware can also come in light or vibrant greens to bring an extra element of freshness to your table. » Bring an air of summer tranquility with Mediterranean Garden Placemat 6. Set a Cooling Tone Another water color illustration, this time in a deep and moving blue, is a must-have addition to your Mediterranean dinner table. The combination of subtle earthy and soft sea tones can amplify the brightness of your dining room. A solid pine wood table with a dark imbuia stain or varnish can really tie in that rustic Tuscan look and set the scene for fine or relaxed dining, which you can enhance with rustic wall art for the complete feel. » Create a serene atmosphere with Mediterranean Garden Light Blue Placemat Spice Up Your Table Settings With the Right Placemat Your dinner table can be a great canvas to display the natural beauty of a Mediterranean-style color palette. It's also an incredibly simple way to explore a variety of Mediterranean-themed looks, while incorporating your unique personal taste and eye for design. Adding inspiration pieces like placemats can also be a helpful guide when choosing other dining accessories, such as matching napkins and tablecloths, dining sets, cutlery, or even artwork for the dining room walls. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more products to give your home a Mediterranean-inspired look.
5 Rugs for Small Bedrooms & How to Place Them
Room design5 Rugs for Small Bedrooms & How to Place ThemUsing rugs in rooms is fantastic: they add comfort and a warm feeling to any room—especially bedrooms. However, it may seem like a bad idea to put a rug in a small bedroom, right? Not necessarily! Although small bedrooms have limited space, using the correct rug in the right place can have a significant impact on how your entire room is perceived. In this article, we'll show you 5 rugs that will make your room look bigger and give you a few design tips you can use to tie everything together perfectly. Best Rug Sizes for a Small Bedroom Choosing the right size rug for a small bedroom is a bit more complicated than simply guessing and picking the one you like most. It's a common misconception that a small room calls for a small rug—on the contrary, smaller rugs tend to shrink the space, making it seem overcrowded. On the other hand, having a large rug will make a small room seem larger. Consider installing wall-to-wall carpeting to give a room a sense of continuity, thus making it feel bigger. Customizable rugs like our Gothic Modu Floor are great for doing so, as they're available in rolls that you can cut to fit the precise floor space of any room. These rolls offer two different widths—120cm and 80cm—allowing an individual and modular experience. Nevertheless, remember the golden rule of "measure twice, cut once" when installing any flooring, as accurate measurements will prevent future frustrations. » Customize your bedroom flooring with Gothic Modu Floor Rug Which Rugs Should You Get for the Bedroom? Light colors in any room help can help achieve a sense of volume, which is of paramount importance for any smaller space. When choosing a rug to make the room look bigger, selecting rugs in light, neutral, and monochrome colors, such as those of the Ray Natural rug, will make the space immediately feel more spacious. In addition, patterned rugs add visual interest and dimension to a room. Choose subtle patterns that repeat themselves vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, as this will give the illusion of a wider floor area. » Make your bedroom feel more spacious with Ray Natural Rug 5 Rugs for Small Bedrooms 1. Barcelona Powder Using geometric patterns that originated hundred years ago, the Barcelona Powder rug will add an element of interest and repeating themes to your floor, while the grey and cream tones will make a small room appear bigger. The light colors also make it easy to coordinate with any type of décor. » Add an interesting element to your bedroom with Barcelona Powder Rug 2. Gothic Concrete Powder With a timeless design featuring a bold, gothic pattern and tones of cream, taupe, and gray, the Gothic Concrete Powder rug will make a small bedroom look bigger and more elegant. Capitalizing on its border accent, place this rug perpendicular to the long walls of a room to make it appear wider. » Give your bedroom a bold elegance with Gothic Concrete Powder Rug 3. Eclectic Natural This stylish rug will make your living space look larger than it really is, making it a great choice when considering extra small room rugs. The design has been carefully crafted to form an illusion of depth and dimension. The eclectic mix of squares featuring neutral shades and shapes helps create a focal point to lead the eye away from the size of the rest of the room. » Visually enlarge your bedroom with Eclectic Natural Rug 4. Noel Snow Flake Concrete Working great in cramped spaces like tight bathrooms and small bedrooms, this rug packs a powerful classical punch with an intricate floral border surrounding Mediterranean tiles in neutral, earthy tones. Its muted colors can make any room feel more spacious than it actually is. Noel is another example of how a repeating motif can be used to pull attention away from the size of the room towards the floor. » Introduce a focus-pulling element with Noel Snow Flake Concrete Rug 5. Barcelona Light Blue This rug's color palette is inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean Sea. The lighter shades of blue, cream, and gray create a relaxing atmosphere while also adding depth and dimension to the room. » Create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere with Barcelona Light Blue How Should You Place a Rug in a Small Bedroom? There are several things to consider when placing your bedroom rug in a small bedroom. You can place a smaller rug at the foot of your bed—in fact, placing it there can increase your bedroom's Feng Shui. If you want to place a rug in front of your bed, it shouldn't be bigger or smaller than the width of the bed. The top should go under the footboard of the bed if it's larger than the bed's width. You can put your rug symmetrically under your bed, placing the top a few inches under it. If you prefer, you can also slide three quarters of the rug underneath the bed, as well as under the nightstands. The placement of your bedroom rug also depends on texture—although it may be tempting to choose a plush rug for your bedrooms, such textures work better as living room rugs, as they're visually bulkier. For a small bedroom, a more flat texture like that of the Suzanna Sun rug for the runner next to your bed may be a better choice. » Go for a suitable texture with Suzanna Sun Rug The Effect of Area Rugs on Your Small Room Choosing the right rug can prevent your small bedroom from looking even smaller by giving it a more spacious appearance. The most important factor in making the bedroom feel bigger is the size of the rug—by picking the right size for your area rug, you can avoid the room feeling rather disjointed, which emphasizes how small the space is. Even if you're putting a rug on a carpet in your small bedroom, make sure your furniture sits atop the rug to create the illusion of more space than there actually is. If you can’t really do that, at least arrange the furniture so that the front legs of your larger pieces are on the rug, achieving a partly more spacious atmosphere. » Didn’t find what you were looking for? Visit our website and browse our stunning collection of bedroom rugs to find just the right one for your space.
Using Feng Shui to Place Your Bedroom Rug
Room designUsing Feng Shui to Place Your Bedroom RugFeng Shui is a widespread practice that's all about making your home balanced with the natural world. This balance is achieved by arranging the pieces in your living space the right way. Feng Shui aims to harness energy forces and achieve and maintain harmony between individuals and their environments. When it comes to your bedroom, you want it to be serene and peaceful to promote good sleep. Rugs in bedrooms give a sense of comfort and are warm and inviting. Combined with Feng Shui bedroom colors, placing your bedroom rug in the right place can enhance the serenity of a bedroom and make it the ideal space for rest and relaxation. Which Colors Correspond With the 5 Elements of Feng Shui? Feng Shui colors may alter the atmosphere and energy of your home, but their use goes beyond just improving the room's aesthetics. Feng Shui isn't just a fashionable interior design technique—it's both an art and a science, with the ultimate goal of balancing your inner energy. The colors and elements of your home's Bagua are also related to the Five Elements—the element of fire is seen in reds, metal in whites, water in blue, wood in greens, and earth in orange. When selecting the colors for your bedroom mats and other décor items, it's crucial to keep in mind the five elements and the colors that correspond to them. 1. Green As the color of the wood element, green represents life and expansion—it's the hue of regeneration, new life, and renewal in Feng Shui. Depending on the tone, this color can have a warm or chilly personality. Inspired by London's famous St James Park, our Bloomin’ Marvelous Blush Green Round rug shows lavish blooms of trailing peonies against the idyllic backdrop of the park's Dutch Cottage. Depicting a fantastical botanical wonderland in its meticulous craftsmanship, this rug makes a great choice from our collection of green mats to establish a new connection with nature and turn your bedroom into a calming retreat. » Breathe new life into your bedroom with Bloomin Blush Green Round Rug 2. Red Associated with the fire element, red represents joy and warmth. In Feng Shui, red is the color that rules them all, as it has the potential to promote vitality and motivation. Regarded as extremely auspicious and potent, red is frequently employed to safeguard and purify the energy of a space. Opting for something like the Jasmine Red Patch Work for a Feng Shui rug under the bed will allow you to experiment with the strategic red hues and patterns of the mat. Patchwork carpets can be styled as a backdrop or ornamental accent for classic or modern bedrooms. This rug from our selection of red mats comes with fantastic flexibility to adapt to various furniture styles, in addition to its remarkable capacity to preserve the floor and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. » Bring joy and warmth into your bedroom with Jasmine Red Patch Work Rug 3. Blue Tied to the water element, blue symbolizes assurance, curiosity, and faith. It can also stand for the unknown, adding a mood of mystery and intrigue. Coming from our range of blue rugs, the Royal Indigo Diamond rug exudes honesty and integrity with its deep, rich midnight blue hues. Balancing structure and color saturation in a very careful way, the Royal Indigo rug under your king bed will create a thrilling atmosphere and is best paired with other blue décor items. » Add an element of mystery and curiosity with Royal Indigo Diamond Rug 4. Orange Like with blue, the particular tone affects the connotation of orange in Feng Shui. Consisting of both yellow and red, orange possesses the strength of red and the dependability of yellow, making it a powerful color. The earth element's color stimulates self-assurance and has various healing powers. Choosing something like Jaipur Amber from our range of orange mats will give your bedroom a friendlier and more outgoing atmosphere. Using premium vinyl sheets, we've created a modern version of this antique rug. In terms of how to place a rug under a bed, this orange hand-crafted rug is best centered at the foot of the bed. » Promote healing and self-assurance with Jaipur Amber Rug 5. White White represents sincerity, innocence, and purity. This color is associated with the metal element and reigns supreme in the décor world. Your bedroom will be subtly brought together by adding a rug like the Alex Natural, which embraces a slow, meditative stitching rhythm. Like our other white rug items, this rug can turn your personal space into a well-balanced piece of visual composition, as its white color stands for the yang half of the Tai Qi (the yin-yang sign) and represents a clean slate. » Create a serene aura in your bedroom with Alex Natural Rug Feng Shui Rug Shapes for Your Bedroom The shape of the rug you choose for your bedroom is a lot more important than you might think. If you’re following a Feng Shui approach, you have to select the right shape and size. For instance, placing a rug in a small bedroom is different from doing so in a large bedroom in terms of Feng Shui bedroom rug placement. Round and oval rugs can promote peace, and they don’t disrupt the flow of chi, so they’re a good shape for your bedroom, especially with regard to Feng Shui for a small bedroom. Oval rugs also attract wealth and are believed to promote smooth sailing, making them great small rugs for bedroom spaces to promote plentitude. On the other hand, square or rectangular rugs represent the element of earth, and they bring balance to a room. If you want your bedroom to offer stability, you should buy a rectangular or square rug. For more information on rugs, read our guide to choosing the right living room rug. Placing Your Feng Shui Bedroom Rug Now that we’ve covered the important colors and shapes for your bedroom rugs, let’s look at how to place them to maximize Feng Shui. Placing your rug at the foot of the bed is believed best to prevent toxic energy from reaching the space where you're resting and relaxing, creating a serene bedroom atmosphere. When talking about Feng Shui, it's also essential to ensure the rugs you choose are eco-friendly and easy to clean so that they don't accumulate negative energy that could disrupt the positivity or stability of your bedroom. » Curious about our other items? Browse our website for our full range of rugs, table runners, wall art, and more to achieve the perfect Feng Shui in your home.