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A rusty-patterned rug in a hallway next to an open door, a chair, and slippers
Home decoration5 Natural Entryway Rugs for a Clean AestheticFinding the best rug for your entryway isn't so easy—you need to make sure it offers a warm reception and natural look while being easy to clean, quick-drying, and colorfast. A stylish entryway rug will elevate the feel of your entryway, setting the tone for the rest of your home décor. The size of the rug also matters, as it creates a visual flow and links the front door to the rest of your home. The standard size of a hallway runner is 2.5 x 8 feet (or x 12 feet), but you can also customize a bigger rug to fit your vision of the space. However, keep in mind it's best to allow 4–5 inches of open floor on each end and 4–6 inches on each side, depending on how wide the hallway is. Apart from the right size, you'll want your entryway rug to have the right look—here are our five picks for entryway rugs that will give your entryway a clean aesthetic. 5 Best Entryway Rugs for Your HomeTexture of Nature: Zoya Natural Rug Traditional White Wood: Wood Art White RugContemporary Flexibility: Rust Plain RugBoho Chic: Jasmine Black Patchwork RugStriking Patterns: Gothic Modu Floor Rug 1. Best Neutral Entryway Rug for a Natural Look This rug's look echoes the color and texture of a palm tree trunk—the Zoya weave looks just like natural fiber. With its warm, graduated color and effortless casualness, this rug will set a beachy mood in your entryway. Coming in a light tone of natural brown, it invites decoration with more definite, colorful items. As a medium-length runner, the Zoya Natural will perfectly fit your hallway, providing a relaxed note for your whole home. 2. Best White Entryway Rug for a Rustic Interior A hardwood floor needs an entryway rug to soften the space and protect it from heavy foot traffic. The design of this rug is bold and looks just like the wood paneling traditionally used on a door. Choose the Wood Art White rug to add interest, light, and a rustic, traditional feel to your hallway. 3. Best Modern Entryway Rug for a Casual Home With light blue, gray, and rust patches, this runner rug looks like an abstract mood painting, as if a rusting process has organically colored it. The rug is casual and organic, offering flexibility to decorating options: you can use it to either dress up the space or extend the restful organic tone into other décor items. 4. Best Boho Entryway Rug for an Inviting Space Using a patchwork pattern on the entryway floor gives the space homeliness, interest, and a crafted look. However, as the Jasmine Black Patchwork rug adds visual busyness, your decoration must be minimal in the small space of the hallway to avoid a cluttered look. 5. Best Patterned Entryway Rug for a Unique Hallway In case you want to copy the entryway rug to the rest of the house, the Gothic Modu Floor solution allows you to buy a patterned vinyl floor covering to your exact size specifications. This makes it possible to cover uniquely shaped spaces, use a little or a lot, and use this rug in any room. This striking design in earthy tones works well in any space when paired with harmonious décor items to enhance its unique look. Give Your Entryway a Warm Feel With Homey Natural Rugs For an inviting feel that will charm your guests and set the tone for the rest of your home décor, decorate your hallway with a rug that has a natural weave and soft tones of brown, cream, grey-blue, or taupe. This will reference nature outside the front door, implying spaciousness in your home and creating a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for visitors.
Black and white runner on dining room table
Home decoration11 Best Table Runners to Revive Your Dining RoomUsing table runners can add emphasis to the dimensions of your dining table, creating symmetry and bringing color and visual interest to the dining area. They accentuate your place settings and decorations and set the scene for fine or relaxed dining. Using vinyl table runners as placemats is also a great time and money-saving option because vinyl is the best fabric for table runners, as it provides an easy-to-clean and long-lasting solution. 11 Best Contemporary Dining Table Runners Plethora of Colors: Bella Classic Table RunnerClassic Black and White: Flor De Lis Black & White Table RunnerOriental Tranquility: Mountain Classic Table RunnerIndigo Royalty: Royal Indigo Classic Table RunnerRustic Nature: Reed Table RunnerMinimalist at Heart: Linen Natural Table RunnerIn Touch with Nature: Rattan Natural Table RunnerCountry Beige: Rattan Cross Table RunnerGray-Scale History: Roots Gray Table RunnerTraditional Flare: Tatami Table RunnerCheckered Icon: Damka Table Runner Vinyl Table Runners As a Display Base When the table isn't used, the table runner can stay on as a decorative item, adding texture and drawing attention to the table. Formal dining room table runners also serve as a medium to showcase permanent display items on the table, like large vases or candelabras. If you have wall art, make sure it all fits together into a cohesive whole. Make sure to space everything accordingly—look at our recommended dimensions for table runners. Are Table Runners out of Style? Dining room table runners have made a big comeback in interior design, allowing hosts to switch up their look in an instant and toy with numerous style ideas. Check out our 11 best table runners to vamp up your dining room. 1. Best Colorful Table Runner for a Playful Dining Room The gorgeous turquoise tones and palmette motif of this design instantly create a chic, classic look without being boring. The shapes are sometimes compared to a “Hamsa Hand," a traditional symbol for good fortune, good health, happiness, and protection from the Evil Eye that originated before the religions we know today and holds significance in numerous cultures. 2. Best Black and White Table Runner for a Striking Accent This stunning monochrome pattern represents another great classic option, offering a design that will work well with black and white interiors and colors. Classy and simple, this pick from our best table runners will elevate your dinner table in seconds. 3. Best Oriental Table Runner for Fresh Dining Room Décor This Eastern-inspired, tight-weave design is both tranquil and mesmerizing. Originally exhibited in straw form, this table runner's Tatami pattern symbolizes simplicity and natural flow. Its sense of delicateness and symmetry will bring out the best in you as you sit down to converse with family and friends over a meal. 4. Best Dark Blue Table Runner for a Regal Dining Room This sultry midnight blue and indigo vinyl table runner brings structure, depth, and a rich shot of color to any room. A touch of masculinity, solemnity and almost royalty can be felt in this unique design. This is one of the best table runners for dark tables, as it accentuates their opulent feel. 5. Best Rustic Table Runner for a Relaxed Atmosphere The Reed Table Runner is an inviting, natural-looking vinyl décor piece. With its warm tan tones and rustic feel, this design is one of the best for wooden tables, bringing out their texture beautifully. 6. Best Linen Table Runner for a Minimalist Dining Room From our exclusive Flatwoven Collection, the Linen Natural Table Runner, based on loom and wool artistry, is an essential piece that blends seamlessly with an array of interior design styles. This neutral, simple vinyl table runner allows for plenty of play with color and pattern in the rest of the room as well as on the table itself, keeping the table functioning as a wonderful base. 7. Best Natural Table Runner for a Down-to-Earth Look Light, comforting, and natural, this rattan piece borrows from a strong history. Our inviting design begs to be brought to life further with simple décor, striking centerpieces, and splashes of color. 8. Best Beige Table Runner for a Warm Country Vibe Infuse your dinner table with the old-world charm with this thicker-texture-looking rattan piece. Bringing added warmth, calm, and authenticity to the room, this vinyl table runner is a must-have for neutral, textured spaces. 9. Best Gray Table Runner to Add Ancient Symbolism A sense of ancient symbology emits from this stony, wall-looking piece in cool grays and charcoals, one of our favorite contemporary table runners. Add pattern and interest to monochrome rooms, and enjoy this table runner’s multifunctionality—it also divides into separate placemats! 10. Best Neutral Table Runner for a Traditional Space Made initially using igusa straw, this Japanese-inspired design presents a timeless base for your mealtimes. Modesty and supreme value combine in this attractive piece, which can be incorporated into various spaces around the home. 11. Best Checkered Table Runner for a Classic Look Iconic and eye-catching, the Damka Table Runner momentarily adds sophistication to any table with its strong geometric design and bold border. Due to its timeless design, this is one of the best table runners for neutral, classic-styled interiors. Revive Your Dining Room With the Perfect Table Runner The variations, endless options, and multi-functionality of our vinyl table runner designs are endless. These high-quality, long-lasting table runners can be used alone or combined with placemats. To elevate the look even further, place a rug under your dining table and incorporate trivets, bold tableware pieces, or striking cutlery to complete the style. » Curious about our other items? Take a look at our full range of stunning rugs, placemats, and more.
Rustic wall art behind a side table
Home decorationFind the Ideal Wall Art to Invigorate Your Dining RoomEach room in your home has a different function and should have its own identity, and the dining room is no exception. One way of making a unique stamp on your dining area is through the art you incorporate. Art can transform any living space, especially wall art, due to its prominence and visibility. There are a few basic guidelines that will help you select the perfect artwork to inject life and personality into your dining room. However, this doesn't mean you need art hung on every wall. The key to any great design is to create harmony and maintain balance. Empty wall spaces can actually accentuate the art that you do choose. So in your purchasing process, select pieces that truly speak to you—quality is always better than quantity in this instance. Small or Large Wall Art for Your Dining Room? The size of your art should be one of your first considerations. This is where choosing art for your dining room gets slightly more technical. Opting for small or large decorative wall art pieces depends on whether you want one focal point or several smaller pieces in the room. As a rule of thumb, artwork in the dining room should be around two-thirds the length of your dining room table. It should only exceed this size if you have a single large statement piece in the room. If you prefer smaller art, they can come across as out of proportion in relation to the wall space. So, it's an excellent idea to group several smaller pieces that share similarities. This could be color, subject matter, paint medium, or art from the same artist. We recommend leaving about two inches between the frames for a balanced, attractive look. Best Types of Wall Art for Your Dining Room There are countless options of wall art ideas and options to choose from when decorating your dining room. We've summarized the most suitable types for your dining area to get you inspired: Statement Pieces As we just discussed, large-scale art gives your dining room a great focal point. But because it has such an impact, you should choose something that really speaks to you. The advantage of having a single artwork is that there's no need to harmonize it with other art, which can be a bonus if you find it difficult to coordinate different pieces. We suggest considering a more minimalist or abstract statement piece, as it will be more versatile, and you're less likely to get tired of it. Mirrors Mirrors have been used to decorate dining rooms for ages—and for a good reason. They are functional as people may want to check their appearance after eating, and they instantly give the illusion of more space. The shape and frame (if any) you choose is a simple way to add to the design style you are trying to achieve. Wallpaper Wallpaper is easy to overlook, but it can have as much of an impact as artwork. You can choose to create one feature wall or cover all your dining room walls with a paper of your choice. If you have a smaller space, we recommend focusing on color and texture rather than busy patterns or designs that can make the room feel smaller. Beija Flor has a collection of thoughtfully-designed wallpapers that perfectly complement a range of design styles. How to Choose the Best Dining Room Wall Art Are you feeling overwhelmed with choices and unsure where to start? Here are a few tips to simplify the process: Determine your budget as this will guide your choice. If you're spending a considerable amount on the art, opt for something more timeless than trendy.Be clear on your design style and the vision you're trying to create.Factor in the size of your dining room, and decide on the size and number of artworks you'd like.Decide whether you want to use contrasting colors for a bold pop or if you'd prefer your art to blend in with the wall color.Lastly, don't rush the process! Do your homework, consider your options, and don't buy on a whim. Hanging Wall Art in a Dining Room Once you've made that all-important decision, you'll need to hang your artwork. The process of hanging your wall art will depend on the pieces you've chosen. If you're hanging larger pieces, oil paintings, thick frames, or anything else that's heavy, you'll need to drill holes into your wall and hang them with screws. Alternatively, you can use nails. Lightweight pictures and other wall art pieces can be placed on the wall with double-sided tape, but be sure to clean the wall before adhering the tape. Check out our blog on choosing wall art for your living room if you're moving on to the next room of your house!
A living room in light tones with a white couch and a patterned rug in subdued green tones
Home decoration5 Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Living Space Putting your unique stamp on your home's interior is a privilege and joy that shouldn't be stressful, expensive, or time-consuming—and it doesn't have to be. Whether you're creating an enticing, warm living room in a Boho style, a bedroom or office that needs an attention-grabbing centerpiece, an atmospheric patio for al-fresco meals, or a sophisticated dining room to impress your friends without costing a fortune, this wide variety of vinyl floor rugs can help make the task significantly easier. Vintage rugs can add flair to any room—see five ways you can use them to get that vintage feel in your living space. 1. Layer It Up Layering rugs in your bedroom, living room, or an open floor plan space will create an amazing visual aspect—combining different patterns provides an eclectic and eye-catching talking point. Try something like the Gothic Modu Floor, a richly-patterned vinyl rug in warm clay and black, along with simpler neutrals and monochromes for an impressive look. The layering of rugs can also be done with the same pattern. With strong lines and striking geometry, these vinyl rugs can easily be cut along lines and put together in your desired formation, whether for an interesting design or to fit into awkward spaces and corners. » Create the layered effect with Gothic Modu Floor Rug 2. Find a Balance Between Vintage and Modern Combining vintage and modern styles can be quite the art, but once achieved, the look pays dividends in its high-end and semi-serious feeling. Find the perfect balance of vintage and modern with a traditional piece like the Damka Classic Antique, which works beautifully in industrial spaces and with both luxe and simple décor elements. We recommend pairing this rug with metallics, wood accents, cement floors, and dark colors for a moody and truly grown-up feel. » Combine vintage and modern with Damka Classic Antique Rug 3. Channel Your Inner Boho The Boho style is a popular, contemporary, and easy-to-achieve interior choice, which can often be created in a day or two to turn living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms into cozy and inviting settings. Vintage vinyl rugs can powerfully elevate any Boho space. Surrounding a design like the Amsterdam Forest Concrete that exudes both floral femininity and strong structure with plants, wall art, warm textures, and plenty of light will instantly provide the desired look, allowing you to individualize your room with ease. » Express your Boho style with Amsterdam Forest Concrete Rug 4. Take It Outside Vinyl rugs offer a multitude of uses, one of these being patio design. With the joy of natural sunlight, fresh air, and lush plants, patios often become favorite spaces to spend time at, instantly boosting your mood. Make the most of these special spaces by decorating them as you would any other room, and you might find that visitors often want to return! The Gambit Chess Antique Rug is the perfect solution for creating ambiance outside quickly and easily. Add a sense of occasion with this grounding monochrome piece with a strong geometric border while setting yourself up for stylish outside lunches hassle-free. A simple wipe with a cloth or a gentle hose down will clean the party food spills and garden dust build-up right off this durable mat, getting your patio ready to use again in just 5 minutes. » Give your patio an inviting look with Gambit Chess Antique Rug 5. Introduce Elegance One thing we like to remind our customers is that an expensive look doesn't have to actually cost you all that much—there are numerous ways to introduce elegance and sophistication without breaking the bank, from sourcing pre-loved items to incorporating a few large or bold statement pieces into the room. Using the Freyja Antique Sisterhood rug as a central piece, try designing a bedroom, lounge, dining room, bathroom, or even a patio with a few other affordable but classy-looking items. You'll notice how fast you'll achieve the desired interior by styling your bold rug with classy items. To mirror the colors of this rug, try splashes of soft pink or dusty oranges, dark greys, blacks, and soft creams. Remember to always add some furnishings with a little texture (think throws, scatter cushions, and wall hangings) to add a sense of luxury. » Infuse your space with an elegant feel with Freyja Antique Sisterhood Rug Your Style, Your Way, Quick and Easy The varied styles and designs of these vintage floor rugs offer décor solutions for an array of tastes and rooms. We hope we've provided a little inspiration, and would love to hear your success stories about creating the home you've always dreamed of using vinyl floor rugs. Whether you're placing a rug on a carpet to create a layered effect, mixing vintage rugs with contemporary designs, or taking your décor pieces outside, these rugs will help you achieve the desired look. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Browse our full range of stylish vinyl rugs for more inspiration.
Custom floor rug in decorative white hallway next to wooden bench and woven baskets
Home decoration7 Best Hallway Rugs to Make a Great First ImpressionYour hallway, while typically not large enough for much decoration, presents a great opportunity to make a statement with your rug and create a warm and inviting space for your guests. With the right rug, your hallway can become an island of interest and style, showcasing your personal flair and making a great first impression. Vinyl is an excellent material choice for hallway rugs because it is easy to clean and durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas where pets and kids often track dirt and debris through. Choosing a stylish theme or color for your rug can set the tone for the rest of your home and create a positive first impression. Consider a custom-designed runner or rug for your entryway if you have a specific style or color in mind. 7 Best Hallway Rugs Best Dark Area Rug for Your Vintage Hallway Design - Wood Art Black Best Rug to Elevate Your Minimalist Decor - Barcelona Powder Best Bauhaus Rug for High-Traffic Areas - Bauhaus Silver Best Concrete Area Rug for Modern Hallways - Sofi Blue Concrete Best Beige Rug for a Sophisticated Design - Suzanna Powder Best Tile Rug to Match Your Hallway - Gotic Ancient Tile Antique Best Stylish Rug to Brighten Up Your Hallway - Magnolia Beige Antique 1. Best Dark Area Rug for Your Vintage Hallway Design A hallway rug can bring a soft touch to your space while also protecting it from the wear and tear of foot traffic. The Wood Art Black rug is a bold and dramatic choice that will add interest to lighter hardwood floors and neutral walls. Its natural-inspired design makes it a great fit for those with a "natural" design theme. When it comes to positioning your rug in the entryway, there are different options. Placing it directly by the front door can create a warm and welcoming feel. » Bring a touch of nature to your home with the Wood Art Black Rug 2. Best Rug to Elevate Your Minimalist Decor Entice your guests with the bold and eclectic patterns of the Barcelona Powder rug. With tones of white and stone greys, this rug will elevate any space. Place it in your entryway under a console table or in front of it, or center a coffee table on top of the rug if you have a wider entryway. » Elevate your minimalist decor with the bold patterns of the Barcelona Powder Rug 3. Best Bauhaus Rug for High-Traffic Areas The Bauhaus Silver vinyl rug is where bold Bauhaus meets decadent Art Deco. It is sure to make a striking statement in your entryway, and you can never go wrong with classic black and white. While this design is distinct and eye-catching, it also offers clean minimalism that is visually appealing. Let this rug define your entryway space with its distinct style. » Make a striking statement in your entryway with the Bauhaus Silver Rug 4. Best Concrete Area Rug for Modern Hallways Sofi Blue Concrete brings a contemporary twist to traditional design. Perfect for entryways that receive a lot of natural light, it can be matched with concrete grey walls to complete the look. Geometric rugs can work wonders for an entryway, introducing a dynamic and vibrant modern design that adds depth and beauty to the space. You can also complement this rug with pieces of furniture, such as an accent chair or a modern and sleek bookcase. » Add a contemporary twist to your hallway with the Sofi Blue Concrete Rug 5. Best Beige Rug for a Sophisticated Design Suzanna Powder showcases handcrafted artistry and is a great option for adding warmth and sophistication to your entryway. The beige color palette pairs well with green plants, light walls, and whitewashed wooden floors, creating a clean and natural aesthetic. To add depth and texture, consider layering this rug on top of a larger one in a solid color, which can add a lively and interesting element to your space. » Achieve a clean and sophisticated look with the Suzanna Powder Rug 6. Best Tile Rug to Match Your Hallway The entryway is a crucial space in any home as it sets the tone for the rest of the house and provides an opportunity to make a good first impression on guests. That's why we highly recommend the Gothic Ancient Tile Antique vinyl rug, as it features timeless and intricate patterns that are sure to catch the eye. To create a cohesive and harmonious look, we suggest pairing this rug with neutral colors in your entryway décor. » Make a timeless statement with the Gothic Ancient Tile Antique Rug 7. Best Stylish Rug to Brighten Up Your Hallway Why not match your doormat with your Magnolia Beige Antique rug for a coordinated look within your entryway? It can add a pleasant cohesiveness to this space. Consider centering your rug in front of the door for a more symmetrical look. » Add a pleasant cohesiveness to your entryway with the Magnolia Beige Antique Rug Best Shades for Your Hallway Rugs Choosing the right color for your hallway rug depends on the size of the space and the available light. To enhance your hallway and create a visual introduction to your home, consider combining rugs or choosing a color that meets the demands of this busy space. In narrow or poorly lit hallways, use a pale or light-colored rug to create a more open atmosphere. A beige- colored rug with a lively linear pattern or a white runner with jewel colors can lighten the look of a narrow hallway.Darker colors or denser patterns may work well in larger spaces by creating a dense field of color that adds warmth and visual interest. Warm red or bright blue shades are popular stimulating choices that serve as a positive greeting to guests.Soft shades of blue and green are cooling and soothing, creating a sense of depth and tranquility. Be careful when using big leaf patterns, as they can be distracting. A more solid hallway rug with muted colors can create a visual anchor for display items like an antique chair or large framed mirror.A strong visual art piece on the wall of your hallway should not compete with a bright rug. The hallway flooring will also bring in color and style, so choosing the right rug color can become more complicated when considering these factors. Dark wooden or pale parquet floors make strong statements of their own. » Still not sure what to do? Find out how to Enhance Your Entryway With the Perfect Rug Choice Customizing Your Rug Size To Match Your Hallway If you have a specific vision for your hallway rug that you can't find in stores, consider customizing one to fit your needs. Beija Flor offers a customization service that allows you to create a rug that matches your unique aesthetic. This adaptable flooring service gives you the flexibility to explore different placement options to find the perfect fit for your space. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, there are several practical ways to customize your rug. For instance, you can use a permanent marker to draw linear patterns on a plain rug or join two rugs together with sticky backing tape. Another idea is to over-dye an old, worn-out rug to give it a vintage look or create a patchwork rug by joining carpet tiles. Finally, if you have a favorite fringed throw, you can repurpose it into a rug by sewing a piece of non-slip fabric onto the back.
A rustic white wood pannel wall art piece behind a bench with a bag
Home decoration7 Rustic Wall Art Ideas for a Natural Dining Room A rustic-inspired design can make any home feel like a cottage nestled in the quaint countryside. From vintage coffee tables to handmade décor, there are many ways that you can incorporate rustic pieces into your home. If you want to turn your dining room into a country retreat using decorative wall art, you'll be delighted to know that it doesn't limit you merely to photographs, paintings, or graphically designed prints—there are other natural-looking wall art ideas that can transform your space. If you are looking for some rustic wall art ideas to complete your dining room art selection, and you want a design that appeals to your more natural aesthetic, then you are in luck! Here at Beija Flor, we have curated a list of 7 gorgeous earthy dining room ideas to create that cute cottage look. 1. Best Abstract Wall Art for Adding Warmth The rich and inviting bronze colors in this abstract designer sheet just ooze the tranquility and warmth found in nature. The strong and intense alternating tones give it a surprisingly effortless flow that is easy on the eye and comforting for the soul, like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket by the fire on a chilly Autumn evening. This designer sheet is ideal for the natural wall art look that you want to create. This designer sheet would sit perfectly behind a serving counter or act as a focal point on a feature wall. You can contrast the richness with a deep grey palette, or even consider lighter yet standout rustic colors in your dining room tones to allow it to stand on its own as a feature piece. » Create a comforting ambiance with Abstract Designer Sheet Wall Art 2. Best Wood Wall Art for a Rustic Feel Do you love the distressed wood look? This white wood panel mimics that perfectly imperfect aesthetic. The distressed wood style will enhance your dining room, opening the space for modern rustic dining room ideas. Its distressed wood style will enhance your dining room, creating an open space that's perfect for modern rustic dining room decor. The white color adds crispness while keeping your room feeling light, airy, and spacious. This panel is suitable for smaller dining rooms or additional seating areas where it can create a beautiful backdrop for the person sitting before it. Pair it with a stunning table runner to add elegance to your living room. » Bring a sense of nature with White Wood Panel Wall Art 3. Best Rusty Wall Art for a Serene Space Rust is a familiar natural color and texture that inspires a plethora of rustic wall art ideas. It's no surprise that it has become popular in interior décor and design too. By incorporating this natural-looking element into your dining room, you'll create a unique space that represents change and development. The earthy, subdued colors lend the room a serene and cozy atmosphere. A white wall complements the rusted frame, so it's best applied behind neutral wooden furniture to create a harmonious rustic decor dining room. » Inspire tranquility with Rust Framed Wall Art 4. Best Vintage Tin Tile Wall Art for a Victorian Look We can't get enough of the stunning tin tile design! These designer sheets provide an etched metal texture to your dining room, giving it a touch of Victorian Era elegance. The intricate patterns and textures produce a striking 3D effect that will catch the attention of anyone who sees it. This piece is incredibly versatile and can be used as a border around door frames or as a standalone wall accent piece (you can cut it to a smaller size). The tin tile design lends itself perfectly to rustic chic and natural wall art appeal. White is a wonderful canvas to work with, and if you're looking to add more contrast, consider pairing it with some green foliage or bright and vivid country-side flowers to complete a rustic look that pops with color. » Spark interest with Tin Tile Wall Art 5. Best Neutral Wall Art for a Tranquil Dining Room Tatami, what a delightful word! It perfectly fits this gentle and light texture that can elevate the look of your rustic dining room. This standalone wall art piece has a soft tan color and is a beautiful representation of a tight weave. We love how the Tatami Wall Art adds a soft serenity to any indoor space, creating a natural look and feel. The color and texture of this rug will take you on a journey to the far east, where woven items symbolize perfection and hard work while remaining rustic and simplistically bound to their origins. Due to its color, it is best paired with darker colors or shades to create a rich and dramatic contrast. Work with subtle yet strong colors such as charcoal greys or washed-out blacks. Place dark picture frames in front of it, hang dark wooden pieces on it, or pair it with a stylish rug. » Bring nature inside with Tatami Wall Art 6. Best Wood Panel Wall Art for Adding Coziness If you're looking for a way to add a true forest campfire feel to your rustic dining room, then the raw wood panel aesthetic of this Wood Panel Wall Art is the perfect fit. With multiple layers of color and flecks of white, it gives an ageless impression that's reminiscent of stumps and logs of wood. Just like how a campfire exudes comfort and warmth while stories are told, this wall art piece can provide the same feeling to your dining room. Showcase it in an entryway or as a feature wall to instantly spark that cozy and nature-inspired aesthetic you desire. » Introduce a traditional feel with Wood Panel Wall Art 7. Best Metal Wall Art to Introduce Industrial Chic The sound of rain falling on a tin roof can remind us of the serene and calming, or at other times, dramatic and expressive, sounds of nature. It soothes the soul, with that feeling so wonderfully and gently reflected in the aesthetics of the Tin Panel Wall Art. This aesthetic is wonderfully reflected in the Tin Panel Wall Art, which soothes the soul with its soft silver color blotted with an earthy, rich rust hue. The simplicity of its design will match the rustic decor in your dining room, while its sense of overlapping smaller panels provides a DIY feel. You can place this tin panel above or underneath shelves or mirrors, and if you're feeling inspired, add some fairy lights to create a romantic ambiance for a dinner for two. » Enhance the simplicity of your space with Tin Panel Wall Art Conclusion When you combine the charm of rustic designs with modern comfort, you can create a natural, calming, and relaxing vibe that connects you and those around you with nature. To build on the rustic aesthetic in your dining room, consider pairing rugs with your wall art and utilizing tableware and earthy paint colors. Taking these steps will enhance your dining room's natural look and feel and give you a cozy and welcoming space that you'll love spending time in. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more products to give your home a modern rustic look
A patio with a floral rug and a chair surrounded by plants and flowers
Home decoration7 Best Vibrant Rugs You'll Need for Your Next Spring MakeoverWith spring just around the corner, we can't help but be cheerful! The change of seasons not only brightens your mood but also inspires you to give your home a new look. One easy hack to transform any room into a spring sanctuary is by adding a striking rug. Here, we bring you seven choices for vibrant, stylish rugs that will add a pop of color not only for the spring season but to last throughout the year. Our Top 7 Picks for Best Vibrant Spring RugsBest Bohemian Rug for Your Spring Dining Room: Bohemian Garden HazelBest Checkerboard Rug for Classic Spring Décor: Gambit ItalianoBest Quilted Spring Rug for a Cozy Bedroom: Quilt Kilim FlowerBest Green Runner Rug for a Lush Spring Patio: Bella ClassicBest Classic Spring Rug for a Serene Ambiance: Rita SmokyBest Floral Rug for Your Spring Living Room: Mary NaturalBest Patterned Area Rug for Spring Kitchen Décor: Amsterdam Classic Embodying the spirit of spring with its eclectic and free-spirited design, this rug will bring a lightness to any room you choose. Made of durable vinyl, you can count on its long-lasting performance and hassle-free maintenance, which makes it perfect for placing in busy, messy areas like the dining room or under your kitchen table. You can either use this rug as the focal point or go full-on bohemian and match it with other boho-style décor elements. If the classic pairing of black and white is more your style, the Gambit rug will be a great addition to your home. With its monochromatic tiles and Italian architectural border, it will ground any space while looking effortlessly elegant in the spring sun, especially in open plans like lofts. What we love about this rug is that its versatility lets you pair it with any décor element you choose. But for spring, we recommend adding a pop of color! The blooming flowers, lush greens, and pink hues of this rug, combined with its folksy patchwork of prints and patterns, all contribute to the feeling of warmth we associate with the arrival of spring. A quilted rug like this is perfect for adding a rustic element to a bedroom, and when paired with perky floral shades, it creates a cozy springtime boudoir. For the full effect, we recommend building on the spring feeling by matching the rug with your other décor pieces like creative bedroom wall art, blankets, or lamps. Springtime evokes images of picnics on fresh green lawns, and this rug, with its pastel blue and verdant greens, brings that lush spring atmosphere right into your home. The geometric pattern adds visual interest without overwhelming the space, making it a fantastic option to breathe life into your hallway. And to really make the design pop, we recommend decorating your patio with this rug, making it work with your plants and greenery to create a real floral explosion. The Rita Smoky rug will revive any space in your home with its timeless versatility. With its intricate patterns that draw inspiration from Persian rugs and the gentle, muted color palette, this rug will give your room a cultured, serene ambiance. Since it promotes a calm, restful atmosphere, we love it as a bedroom rug. However, its durable material also makes it work well in hallways, where this hard-wearing and easy-to-clean piece will serve a practical purpose in addition to being beautiful. This flower-patterned kilim rug is so floral you'll feel like you're in a real meadow in springtime! In addition to being a celebration of all things spring, this rug is also a nod to Romanian folklore, so it will fit right into more traditional room designs. The rug's intricate embroidery detail communicates a gentle, feminine bohemian vibe, which is always on trend during springtime. We especially love this rug for minimalist or neutral living spaces since it balances them out perfectly. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it's the perfect space for your family to enjoy a touch of refreshing spring. This Dutch-inspired modern print rug is just the thing to infuse light and symmetry into your kitchen. With its soft hues of dusty blue, black, chocolate brown, orange, beige, and brick red, this rug will revive your kitchen and give it a cozy atmosphere. And the best part? Its vinyl material promises durability, making it the best choice for messy spaces such as the kitchen sink area. » Want a neutral rug instead? These understated rugs will give your home a natural vibe Bring Springtime Into Your Home With a Vibrant Rug A brand new colorful rug is the easiest way to bring the spirit of springtime into your home through décor. Whether you're looking for bright colors, cheerful florals, or calming neutrals, the rugs on our list are just what you need for a quick spring makeover. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Browse our full collection of premium vinyl rugs and find the perfect one to usher the spirit of spring into your home.
A round braided rug with letters under wicker furniture in a child's playroom
Home decorationRound Rugs: How to Successfully Incorporate Them Into Any RoomWe absolutely love the idea of adding a special touch of personality to our home décor and design, and a gorgeous round rug can be of immense help to that end. Round rugs add a chic and stylish touch to any room, making them a fantastic alternative to rectangular rugs for adding flair with their unconventional shape. We find round rugs incredibly versatile—they can both act as your living room centerpiece and add a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom during those cold wintery days. Toning down sharp edges in a room, these rugs work well in smaller areas too, in addition to being fantastic for placing over a carpet for a layered look. If you want to add a round rug to your home, we've got you covered with a couple of ideas on what room to put them in and how to place them. Add a Large Round Rug to Your Living Room A large round rug can be a perfect addition to your bold living room design! Not only will it effectively contrast the sharp wall edges, but it will also emphasize any curves found in your key furniture pieces and draw attention to other round objects in your living room, such as coffee tables or round mirrors and picture frames. In larger spaces, round rugs can be layered with rectangle rugs too, either by arranging the rugs next to each other or layering them on top of each other. When choosing your living room rug, keep in mind that a large round rug will certainly add depth to your living room. To create harmony between your rug and the rest of your living room décor, we suggest playing around with different rug textures, colors, and patterns to find the perfect rug that's both bold and inviting. » Try a bold rug: These eye-catching rugs will elevate your living room Place a Round Rug in the Playroom Adding a round rug to your kid's playroom is a great idea to protect the floors in this busy area from damage while softening up the space with a calming round shape. A round rug will add a comfortable feel and texture to your child's play area, lending it a cohesive look. We suggest placing the round rug in the middle of your kid's room or slightly under their bed, as these spacious portions of your kid's room are where they spend the most time playing. Here are some additional reasons why we think round rugs are ideal for kids' rooms: Young kids tend to be quite active and boisterous during playtime. Having a round rug will not only protect the floor but also your child's knees and hands if they have a fall. Kids need a comfortable space in their playroom during downtime when they're reading, playing quietly, or taking a nap. When placed on one side of their bed, a round rug can designate a soft, cozy space for these occasions. A round rug will brighten up the space, making it more fun for your kids to spend time in their playroom. » Want the best rug for your kid's playroom? Your child will love these cozy kids' rugs Add a Round Area Rug to Your Dining Room When placed in a dining room, a tasteful round rug will accentuate any modern furniture pieces you have since dining rooms tend to be less heavily furnished. However, if you're placing the round rug under your dining room table, you'll want to make sure that it's larger than the table to avoid the space looking too busy or disjointed. Additionally, you'll want to make sure your rug is made of durable materials that can withstand everyday use since dining rooms are areas with a lot of foot traffic and chair movement. And because your round rug will be exposed to more mess and spillage in this area, we suggest opting for a spill-friendly rug made from an easy-to-clean material such as premium vinyl. Finally, don't forget about other dining room elements—choose a round rug that will complement your dining room wall art as well as other décor pieces like table runners. Decorate Your Bedroom With a Round Rug As sacred spaces of rest and rejuvenation where we tuck ourselves away with a good book or decompress after a busy day, bedrooms are the ideal rooms for placing round rugs that add a comforting warmth. In addition to providing a soft base for your feet, a round rug in your bedroom will act as a gentle, soothing focal point for your other bedroom décor like blankets, pillows, or bedroom wall art. To create a cohesive look in your bedroom, you'll need a round rug big enough for your furniture to stand on. If you want to place your rugs under furniture, consider these bedroom rug placement options: Under a chair or sofa: Place only the front legs on your round rug so the rug still stands out.Under your nightstand: Make sure all the legs are placed on the rug while leaving enough space on the outside for the rug to stand out.At the foot of your bed: This placement looks great in a large bedroom with plenty of floor space. For a more playful look, we recommend placing the round rug slightly off-center to your bed. » Want a comfy bedroom floor? These cozy bedroom rugs will add warmth to your space Use a Round Rug in Your Kitchen While it sounds a bit offbeat, we love the idea of incorporating a round rug in the kitchen for that extra bit of cozy warmth. A round rug's distinctive shape will bring a unique focal point to your breakfast nook or kitchen area. However, since kitchens are generally high-traffic areas with a lot of spillages, make sure the round rug you'll place under your kitchen table is made from a safe, durable, and easy-to-clean material like premium vinyl. » Need a durable rug for your kitchen sink area? These anti-stain rugs will do the trick Make Any Space Warm and Cozy With a Round Rug No matter which room you choose to incorporate it into, a stylish round rug will freshen up the space and bring in a touch of warmth. With their soft shape that easily creates a focal point without overpowering the rest of your décor, round rugs will elevate your interior design whether you choose them for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or your child's playroom. » Want to freshen up a room in your home with a cozy round rug? Browse our full offer of beautiful round rugs to find the perfect gentle focal point for any room you choose.
An arm chair and couch on a patterned vinyl rug
Home decorationHow to Choose the Right Living Room Rug to Elevate Your DécorChoosing the right rug can completely transform your living area, adding a unique personality and serving as a focal point to enhance the overall look and feel. A rug can also help define different spaces in your living room, bringing a sense of warmth and making your home more comfortable and welcoming. However, rugs can make or break your décor and are supposed to be a lasting investment, so it's important to choose a durable one that's easy to clean while being beautiful. To help you make a wise investment that meets both your practical and aesthetic needs, we bring you our expert tips for choosing a living room rug. 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Living Room Rug The key to choosing the right living room rug is to keep the following three aspects in mind: 1. Rug Size Knowing exactly how big your area rug should be in relation to your living room is a very important element when deciding which rug to purchase. Generally, when it comes to living room rugs, the bigger the better—you'll want as little floor showing as possible. A rug size from 8×10ft to 9×12ft is a general rule of thumb for most living rooms. However, we suggest you also make sure the rug is 6-8″ wider than your sofa on all sides, leaving about 18″ of exposed floor space around the perimeter of your area rug for a more spacious look. The rug should also run the entire length of the sofa at least. When it comes to rug size, our favorite trick is using masking tape to experiment with different dimensions before deciding on a rug. » Find out the right area rug sizes for open concept living rooms 2. Rug Placement When choosing where to place your living room rug, consider a central placement to bring all the elements in your space together. While practices like using Feng Shui for rug placement have more specific goals, the general object of correct rug orientation is to create more cohesion and harmony in your space. To help you decide on the right rug placement for your living room, we've listed the three main layout options below: All sofa legs on the rug: With this layout, you'd opt for a larger rug to ground the space, creating more openness in your living room. Front sofa legs on the rug: This is a great option that we recommend when you want to make a room feel spacious or if a few pieces of furniture are against a wall.All sofa legs off the rug: This layout will work perfectly if you have a narrow or smaller space but you've chosen a small but pretty rug. To complete the look, you can even try layering up by placing the small rug on a carpet or a larger rug. » Using a sectional instead of a sofa? See what rug size you need 3. Colors & Patterns You'll want your living room rug to match and complement your furniture and décor. Whatever color or pattern you choose for your rug will help set the tone, establish the look, and create the overall mood of the space. For example, from our experience, a lighter color rug makes a room look bigger and brighter, while darker tones can give it a cozy vibe. If you're going for a beautiful bold rug, it will become the focal point of your living room. On the other hand, a neutral or solid rug can really tie in with the rest of your color scheme. In addition to having the right look to match the vibe you're going for, your rug should also have a pleasant texture—after all, who wants a rug that looks great but feels funny? Not us! How to Match Your Rug With Your Sofa If you want to make sure your rug matches the design of your couch, consider these points: If your sofa is a solid color, we recommend choosing a patterned rug. For instance, a rug with a classic geometric pattern can help add visual interest and texture to a plain white sofa.A tried-and-true hack is to match the secondary color of your patterned rug to your sofa. For example, if you have a patterned rug with shades of green, blue, and yellow, you can choose a sofa with a shade of green in it to tie the entire room together.Match a third color, if any, to your curtains, walls, cushions, or any other décor elements in your living room to create a polished look.If your rug is a solid color and your couch is patterned, match it with other accents in the room like vases, candleholders, or the color of your walls. Anything else would just look too cluttered. How to Match Your Rugs With Your Curtains One of the most common questions interior designers are asked is whether curtains should match the rug. And if so, how do you go about matching them? First of all, let us say that there's no hard and fast rule about having to match your rugs with curtains. It really depends on the overall aesthetic you're going for in your living room. However, if you do decide to match them, consider our tips below for a harmonious look. Go mono: One way to match your curtains and rug is by choosing similar colors. For example, if you have a beige or neutral-colored rug, you could choose curtains in a similar shade to create a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy. Go patterned: Another option is to pair a patterned rug with patterned curtains, but make sure the patterns are different enough that they complement each other rather than clash. For example, if you have a rug with a floral pattern, you can go for curtains with a geometric pattern in similar colors to add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Go bold: If you're feeling bold, you can also try mixing different patterns and colors in your curtains and rug. For example, match a rug with a bold geometric pattern with curtains with a floral pattern. As long as the colors complement each other, this will create a really unique and eye-catching look.Go neutral: Lastly, if you want to play it safe, you can always choose a neutral rug and curtains in a coordinating color to create an overall relaxing effect. Enhance Your Living Room Décor With the Right Rug Finding the right rug can sometimes be stressful, but it's an important chore to ensure your living room décor comes together just like you envisioned it. We hope our tips above will help you make an informed decision and choose the best rug to elevate your living room décor. Happy rug hunting! » Need the right rug to elevate your living room décor? Browse our collection of beautiful living room rugs and find the one that suits your taste and needs best.
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